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South East Civil & Crane have the resources and experience to complete projects of various size and complexity in a timely and efficient manner.  No project is too large, too complex or too isolated for South East Civil & Crane to provide its services.

South East Civil & Crane contracts to well established large civil contractors, Government Departments and Local Authorities, with a record of successful project delivery throughout South Eastern Australia.


South East Civil & Crane specialises in constructing and restoring road bridges from small country timber bridges to large concrete precast and in-situ bridges. We are recognised locally for our expertise in bridge construction and maintenance in such environmentally sensitive areas.

Our services have expanded over the years to encompass:

Bulk Excavation

Residential and Commercial Sub-divisions

Construction of roads

Site Developments

Sewerage & Waste Water Treatment Works

330KVa substation works

Major concrete works (footings, roads, footpaths, bridges, retaining walls, tanks)

Pump Stations and Rising Main Pipelines

Construction of Utility trenches/ Water Mains / Storm water systems

Masonry and Boulder Retaining Walls  

Hard Stand Areas

Telstra and electrical trenching and conduits

Culvert bases

Headwalls and wing walls

Access chambers and gully pits

Footpaths and cycle ways

Concrete Roads

Kerb and gutter

Precast and in-situ pits

Car parks


South East Civil & Crane specialise in construction of all forms of small to large scale pipeline installation. We are successful contractors in the provision of these services no matter what the terrain or location. From high volume traffic road construction, small to medium scale subdivisions, land developments to general pipeline infrastructure; South East Civil & Crane can arrange all of your storm water, sewer, water main and sub-soil drainage requirements and we can also add these services to existing infrastructure.

Whether you’re building a house or a highway, South East Civil & Crane offers a range of bulk earth work services to help you get the job done.  Our skilled operators can help prepare sites, build roads, cut building pads (for anything including houses, shopping centres and car parks) and excavate and remove any unwanted fill. We can also assist with trenching for underground cabling and rock breaking.